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Meet the team of brand and marketing experts behind LRobInspires. We create strategies that focus on your top priorities and make a difference in the world! The team is dedicated to helping non-profits, women-owned businesses, small businesses, and startups that are making a positive impact in the world. These are the companies we think should be heard. Their customers are the individuals we want to inspire. We’re ready to help them take their next step towards their futures and create the positive change they deserve.

We strive to foster a culture of purpose innovators. We’re here to create solutions that amplify messages and drive results.

brand and marketing expert and strategist

Meet Liz Robinson

Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Hi, I’m Liz Robinson, founder of LRobInspires. For nearly 30 years I’ve been a leader in implementing strategic brand and marketing programs. Now I am dedicated to inspiring non-profits, small businesses, and start-ups to successfully grow, increase awareness, and make positive change. Over my career, I’ve won several awards, both personally and with amazing teams, like the one below. Oh, and check out our loyal "barketing" team below as well!

LRobInspires is on a mission to make a difference and drive positive change. Our collective expertise helps move concepts to realities and ideas into actions. We have created and curated relationships with global heroes to help them deliver the greatest impact. Our passion for improving our world at a global and local level is what drives us.

Our Team

A network of brand and marketing experts, creative thinkers, and purpose driven contributors. This team is handpicked to fit specific needs and industry expertise.

Amy Benoff, brand and marketing expert

Amy Benoff

Chief Operating Officer

My focus on implementing strategy into our daily practices has driven my passion for reaching meaningful objectives for LRobInspires as well as our clients. My passion for my family and my community is the driving force behind the work that I do. I love that my current role at LRobInspires gives me the opportunity to utilize the skills that I cultivated in the corporate world as director of HR for a national retail chain to impact my community locally and globally; and demonstrate to my four kids that we can make a positive impact on the world around us. My dog Bowie is below.

Katie Dyal

Editor in Chief

I believe in creating long-lasting profitable partnerships that benefit everyone involved. Whether you're looking for an experienced wordsmith to write the copy on a website or looking to scale your content creation my network of writers are here to be your trusted source. As owner and founder of The Collective Source, I leverage a vetted team of project managers, proofreaders, and writers. We can work directly with business owners and marketing teams, as well as partner with agencies like LRobInspires, to elevate the quality and production of whatever content is needed with ease and a true sense of purpose.

Catherine Gallagher

Lead Project Manager

I’m an enthusiastic, innovative, team-oriented professional with 15+ years of marketing experience. I specialize in communications, marketing program management, marketing strategy and analytics, and digital marketing platforms. I have experience working for both large corporations and small businesses. My favorite part of what I do is building, facilitating, and maintaining positive and profitable relationships with clients. I live in Colorado with my husband and two sons. I enjoy all things outdoors – especially hiking, camping, and paddle boarding.

Shannon Giordano

Chief Marketing Officer

I absolutely love to play a strategic role in the development, implementation and oversight of marketing activities of all kinds. My purpose is felt when I use my expertise for positive efforts: to connect communities, to share authentically, and to build relationships. I’m passionate about helping mission-driven business owners and entrepreneurs build a strategy to authentically share their products and services across channels to get the best return on investment while also making a difference in the world. Meet my dogs Gracie and Ginger below.

Abril Gutierrez

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, my journey is woven with experiences in crafting not just designs, but meaningful concepts that resonate. From dreaming up ideas to giving life to graphics and layouts, I've got a knack for making those tough decisions – whether it's choosing the perfect font, finding that just-right image, or balancing readability with aesthetic contrasts. For me, it's not just about delivering results; it's about delivering the best, exceeding expectations, and making my clients' visions come alive.

Allison Harris Project Manager

Allison Harris

Project Manager

I am a seasoned project manager with experience across many industries from Finance and Insurance to Food and Hospitality. My expertise in process management highlights the art of bringing the right people together to solve complex problems, ultimately gaining efficiencies and allowing stakeholders to focus on their ‘real jobs.’ I am thrilled to be a part of LRobInspires and engage with their amazing list of inspiring clients. I earned my MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and live in Holliston with my husband, three teenage daughters and dog Lola (see below).

Nelson Holland

Creative Director

I began my design career 22 years ago as a graphic design intern at Lycos Media. I went on to earn an MFA in Graphic Design from Boston University and was honored to return years later to teach as a guest lecturer. After spending many years in-house, I started to see a gap in the communication between external agencies and internal stakeholders. When I met Tracy Shaw at Upromise in 2004, we knew one day we would form our own agency. That meeting led to us Co-Founding Expand Creative Group and today, working with LRobInspires! I love spending time with my family. I'm also looking to add a great silk-screened concert poster to my collection (and find a place to hang it) if anyone has any suggestions.

Ken Robinson


I began my career working for The Sunday Times Newspaper in London, and then moved to the U.S. over 25 years ago. Before all of that, I graduated in Graphic Design and Art History from Canterbury College of Art in England. It was there, during countless hours spent in the photographic studios, that my unconditional love for photography took hold. I have a deep-rooted passion for photographing people, sports, and all aspects of everyday life. That passion led to KBRphoto. My desire is to tell an unforgettable story in every photo I take. I live in Holliston, Massachusetts with my wife, two kids, and four dogs, Sander, Becca, Zoey, and Hudson. (see below)

Dan St. Peter

Digital Designer
Visual Web Developer

I am a multidisciplinary designer and visual web developer who believes in the balance of aesthetics, functionality, and speed. Web design is both an art and a science, requiring a sophisticated blend of creativity and technical expertise. I create websites that look great visually and function seamlessly, contributing to the growth and success of businesses. My expertise includes web design, UX/UI, web development, branding, and digital marketing. I am proficient with standards-based HTML5/CSS3 and multiple Content Management Systems including Webflow, WordPress, Framer, HubSpot COS, and Shopify. Throughout my career, I have developed over 150 websites.

Ariel Walovitch

Ambassador Program Director

My passion lies in creating community. I begin this journey at Hillel, an organization for Jewish college students that was looking to expand outreach. I quickly noticed that content from students’ social accounts had significantly more impact on our overall engagement. It was then that I implemented a student ambassador internship program for the University of Pittsburgh. The program not only increased engagement but broke records across their social platforms. Similarly, I created a successful ambassador program at Brandeis University as director of social media strategy. I’m bringing this passion to life now for LRobInspires. Our ambassadorships provide individuals the opportunity to elevate their voices and influence their peers in positive meaningful ways.

Alex Schapira

Senior Video Producer,

My enthusiasm for video extends through all phases of the process in bringing a brand to life. I am an expert in all steps of production and extremely proficient with a wide range of pre-production and post-production tools. I have a network of vendors, suppliers, actors, and voice talent that I can bring to any project. My experience extends to a variety of media, but my true passion lies in telling compelling stories. My company, Viscon, is a consistent partner with LRobInspires. Oh, and my dog Kleo (below) is my best helper.

Gemma Yu

Analytics Specialist, Project and Community Manager

I have a passion for collecting and analyzing data to help our clients make informed decisions. Combined with my role as a project manager at LRobInspires I like to use my analytical and organzational skills to deliver success to the team and our customers. With experience in school organizations' account management and PR field, I have created multi-platform campaigns and driven to impressive performance. I’m passionate about our clients’ work and their meaningful mission, and I’m dedicated to delivering professional marketing knowledge and perspectives to the amazing organizations we work with.

Tracy Shaw

Creative Director

I have always had a knack for art and design. I've been drawing and doodling for as long as I can remember. For the past 20 years, I've gotten to use those creative skills to solve user experience challenges and create visually engaging projects for clients. After more than a decade of working as an in-house designer, I was intrigued by the idea of branching out on my own. For quite a while, Nelson Holland (a coworker) and I had always talked about owning our agency. That talk led to us Co-Founding Expand Creative Group and today, working with LRobInspires! In my free time...I am a big fan of TV, movies, live music, dogs, Kevin Bacon, and Ryan Gosling…can you blame me?!

Hannah Solimano

TikTok Content Creator

Hi! My name is Hannah. I live in Rutland, Vermont and am a student at University of Vermont. Through LRobInspires, I started working for College Raptor last year with their social media team. Now, I work on their TikTok's and am showing upcoming college students what college life is like. I love to hike, ski, and run. I am soon to be a Junior and am studying nursing. I enjoy traveling and hope to study abroad one semester in the future.

The LRobInspires Barketing Team

Welcome to our ‘pawsitively’ awesome Barketing Team – where our furry friends fetch results that will make your tail wag with delight!


Assistant Director of Brand Strategy

She's second in command in seniority on the Barketing Team, is the top female dog when it comes to brand development and marketing. She knows when to lean in (mostly to stop Hudson from chomping on Zoey) and when to let the junior members of the team make decisions and provide their unfiltered input to our client work. She is a fearless leader but also understands that grooming our team (no pun intended) will pay off in the end. 🐾🐶 #Barketingteam


Junior Photographer

He's one of the newest members of the Holliston-based Barketing Team. A loyal and intelligent pup and a herder at heart, he uses his skills to corral the team to bring to life the mission and vision of our clients through photography. Never fear, he’s not all business. He also brings mischief and fun. When not playing with the other members of the team or out on a long trail walk, you’ll find Hudson following the expertise of his mentor, photographer KBRphoto, to learn all he can for our clients. 🐾🐶 #Barketingteam


Senior Brand Ambassador

Don't let her fool you, she may be tiny but she’s fierce. As the LRobInspires Barketing Senior Brand Ambassador, she consistently shows up authentically as herself and she’s patient with constant questions (and truth be told some nips) from the junior members of the team. You will often find her curled up on the couch during a team meeting, but she’s always listening and ready to give her guidance to keep every member of the Barketing Team at the top of their game. 🐾🐶 #Barketingteam


Senior Barketing Project Manager

He's made an invaluable contribution to the team since day one. His Husky smarts, boundless energy, and focus on the game give him the chops to tackle any brand strategy session with wisdom and fun. He keeps all the details of our projects on the tip of his tongue as he provides lots of kisses. He may require the occasional nap, but his dedication to providing needed support to our Chief Operations Officer Amy, when she needs it most, is unwavering.🐾🐶 #Barketingteam


Assistant Video Producer

Another senior member of the team, brings her Labradoodle energy to every meeting. She may be a senior dog, but she runs rings around the team. She brings a playful spirit to all her long walks, inspiring the entire Barketing Team and human marketing team alike to up our game. Kleo has a keen eye for brand-building and uses all of her pawsitive energy to bring our clients’ stories to life. 🐾🐶 #Barketingteam


Jr. Social Media Coordinator

She comes to us from Holliston, MA and is an expert in storytelling on social media. She knows how to show up authentically and even though not fully potty trained, she is always herself. More of a whiner than a barker, Ginger loves to engage with everyone and every pup she meets. We are excited that she will bring her Chinook ‘voice’ to the LRobInspires brand and open new ways for us to connect with our mission-driven audience.🐾🐶 #Barketingteam


Pawfessional Project Manager

A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who brings over three years of experience running projects and keeping our team in line. Half Golden Retriever/half Irish Setter, she shares her love of belly rubs without a hint of an Irish temper. Lola’s sweet spot is creating integrated content calendars bringing all sides of our clients’ marketing into one central planning location. Believe us, you need more of Lola in your brand planning!> 🐾🐶 #Barketingteam


Social Media Community Manager

A senior member of the Barketing Team. She’s been with LRobInspires for almost 2 years, bringing her years as a Chinook sled dog and love of all things snowy to her social media strategy consulting. A pack dog by nature, Gracie is a servant leader, working beside all the other team members to bring to life our clients’ mission and vision and build their brand. On any given day, you may find Gracie curled up in a ball beside the fireplace or running rings around all of us, keeping us on track. 🐾🐶 #Barketingteam


Chief Barketing Officer

With over 14 years of experience, he is wise leader of the pack and the most senior member of the Barketing team. He is calm and collected even in the most challenging situations. He’s not only gorgeous (I mean, seriously he’s a Red Merle Australian Shepherd), but his greatest asset is his wisdom and leadership. He brings the younger marketers on the team along so that they learn how to understand a mission-driven brand and bring it to life. You will see Sander’s paw in every bit of our client work, and you will understand his passion for top dog work! 🐾🐶 #Barketingteam

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

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