how we can help

how we can help

LRobInspires is ready to help articulate your organization’s unique culture, brand, business strategies, and overall message to the world. We create authentic, transparent, and relevant, communication programs to help organizations stand out and create lasting relationships with those who matter most to their brand. It’s all about contributing to the success of your organization with the solutions that are most applicable to your needs.

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There are so many different elements to a brand. With the power to touch so many people, you’ll want to be sure every piece is effective.

Gaining insight into a brand starts with knowing what one expects from and enjoys about it. A brand must know its true advocates and its adversaries. This is key when it comes to identifying the level of a brand’s awareness and attitude with employees, customers, prospects and other key stakeholders. It’s incredibly valuable to gain as many different perspectives as you can. We can help.

  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Competitive Research/Insight
  • Customer Profiles
  • Internal Brand Brainstorming
  • Brand Workshop – Find your Purpose

It’s our job to help organizations develop a straightforward, hardworking brand that is accessible to all audiences. A well-thought-out strategy will help connect the brand to the business strategy, the company’s strengths, and deliver to its audiences, internal and external.

  • Vision /Quest Creation
  • Brand Purpose
  • Rebranding Strategy and Execution
  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming and Nomenclature
  • Customer Experience Strategy

A recognizable brand starts with consistent messaging across all communications, both internal and external. Content development starts with the written expression of your brand. Wherever and whenever a customer comes across the brand, the experience must be consistent, and it must deliver on its promise. From there we step into the visual brand: the logo, color, typeface, graphics, and imagery. The brand design includes many different touch points:

  • Taglines, Personality, Tone, and Voice
  • Brand Story Development
  • Content Strategy across Channels
  • Visual Brand Development and Identity
  • Logo and Color Palette Strategy and Development
  • Brand Guidelines and Template Development

Now that your brand is defined in voice and visual, you need integrate it into your most valuable assets. Brand Integration ultimately increases your brand’s equity and recognition, allowing it to reach its audiences consistently across channels. It’s important to reach your audience in the best place and time for them, since every consumer digests messaging differently. Some like to read, some like to watch video, some like to listen, so you’ll want to make sure you’re covered.

  • Integrated Marketing Plan
  • Website Creation/Enhancement
  • Social Media Strategy/Campaigns
  • Video Strategy/Storytelling
  • Media Placement through PR and Advertising

Brand Activation is bringing the brand alive in the hearts and minds of its audiences. Activating the brand includes making emotional and believable connections through interaction and experience.

  • Customer and Employee Engagement Tactics (exclusive events)
  • Brand Celebrations and Launch Events
  • Sample Campaigns and Experimental Events
  • Conferences and Summits with Influencers
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Podcasts/Blogs/Product Demonstrations


Employees who believe in their brand, who live and breathe it every day, become an extension of that brand for their customers, creating a “brand culture”. Delivering a brand throughout the workplace and in the minds of employees conveys a positive experience to customers. Brand culture includes many factors.

  • Branded Environments
  • Brand Advocacy
  • Leadership Engagement
  • Employee Brand Programs
  • Brand Training, Workshops, and Events


Let’s connect and amplify your purpose!