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At LRobInspires delivering transformative brand and marketing solutions is what we’re all about. We help build your brand strategy, solidify your mission, and provide holistic and effective integrated marketing campaigns. Every effort we make is intended to create an opportunity for you and your organization to thrive and better serve your audience. Take a look at some of our work.

"The LRobInspires team has taken the time to get to know us - deeply get to know us. Like a friend who is truly trying to be a part of our purpose."
Christa Preston
Executive Director, Embrace Kulture


non profits

Around the world, children with special needs and their families struggle for equality but in Uganda, they struggle to survive. Today nearly one million children remain hidden, locked in homes, victims of inhumane healing practices, institutionalized, abused, and excluded.

Embrace Kulture aims to create a movement across cultures where all children and youth with special needs are embraced and accepted for what makes them unique. At LRobInspires, we are on this journey with them to create as much awareness as possible and to help ensure there are NO MORE HIDDEN CHILDREN.

We have been working hand in hand with the Embrace Kulture team to create an organized and powerful advocate program. One that makes it as easy as possible for Advocates to leverage their networks, inform them of the issue and make a significant difference in the growth and awareness of this cause.

Team Heart is an impassioned nonprofit that leads with expertise and a commitment to building a bright future for young people affected by rheumatic heart disease in Rwanda.

Our task was to create a brand voice and personality meant to raise awareness, broaden their audience, and bring new energy to help them reach their full potential. LRobInspires amplified Team Heart’s mission to save young hearts by creating a social media playbook, transforming their website, and focusing their strengths.

Teach the World Foundation

Teach the World Foundation (TTWF) is a non-profit organization on a mission to create literacy for all the world's underserved youth through proven and innovative methods. This global movement, beginning in Pakistan, uses a gamification approach to learning that holds the learners' attention and provides motivation to succeed. They are the Innovative Teachers!
Our task was to craft a brand voice, personality, tagline, and color palette to help amplify the TTWF Brand. Next, an ambassador program designed to expand the audience and reach new goals. LRobInspires joined the Teach the World family with the purpose of enhancing human potential by wiping out illiteracy among the world's children. We know we can solve this problem and actively lead with hope and compassion to inspire all those we touch with our work.


Start ups

Innovative Thinkers

Break Through Cancer empowers outstanding researchers and physicians to both intercept and find cures for the deadliest cancers by stimulating radical collaboration.

Our task was to create a name, brand, and website for this new cancer research foundation whose mission is critical in supporting research and finding new solutions for the most intractable cancers.

College Raptor​

College Raptor empowers students to confidently create a customized path to success. By providing families with innovative college planning tools, students can discover their best higher education fit and successfully strategize their journey.

Our task was to enhance the College Raptor brand, and increase awareness and engagement with their website. We reimagined the website with the audience in mind and strengthened the College Raptor user experience.

Mountaineer Logistics

Mountaineer Logistics is a full-service transportation and logistics provider dedicated to environmentally and socially conscious solutions. As a purpose-driven company, they aim to create eco-friendly support for distribution, delivery, trucking, warehousing, and much more. We partnered together to help them reach new milestones in their journey. They are focused on  providing innovative transportation solutions delivered with a conscience.

LRobInspires delivered brand guidelines, a new logo, robust brand architecture, an identity system, a color palette, and a new capabilities brochure.


Woman Owned Business

Power, grit, and determination

CaMI  – Commissioning and Maintenance Integrator

CaMI, was founded by Nicole Stone, a female engineer dedicated to transforming the commissioning and validation industry. Her goal is to create a positive impact for engineers, their teams, and believe it or not, their families.

Process efficiency was a true driver in this project. To streamline processes, alleviate redundancies of time and resources, to simplify commission and validation endeavors – each of these goals we knew would ultimately lead to a better life for the end users.

We landed on a unique purpose: To remove the constraints of a paper-driven process and unlock a world where all information, data, communication, and tasks are in the user’s hand.

We delivered a new logo and identity system, website, trade show application, fact sheets, and more to get this innovative brand and organization off the ground and into their journey as a woman-owned business and start up.

FairTrade Caravans

FairTrade Caravans is an amazing nonprofit deeply committed to educate, inspire and give back. By connecting compassionate individuals with hard-working artisans and farmers from around the globe, FairTrade Caravans inspires action and creates positive change.

Our task was to create their brand voice and personality, crystalize their vision, and empower FairTrade Caravans with the tools and knowledge to further their cause and deliver results. We constructed a pilot program, reaching out to like-minded organizations and individuals to form connections throughout the world that truly bring local and global communities together.

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Liz Robinson and the LRobInspires team are a joy to work with for their positive energy, can-do attitude, and fantastic solutions. They have been a tremendous asset to building awareness for our organization and significantly expanding our fundraising effectiveness. Words cannot describe the huge positive impact toward delivering on our mission.
John Huycke
Chairman of the Board,
Jou Nouvo
LRobInspires has been pivotal in assisting our organization to understand our footprint on the digital landscape and make the necessary changes to excel within it. The dedication and knowledge base of the LRobInspires team members is unparalleled. This is evident in all aspects of our new website and branding. Thank you for sharing your expertise with Team Heart!
Kari Stutz
Team Heart
Provided excellent, professional and timely service.
Carol Fassino
Founder, FairTrade Caravans
The team had a short time frame to execute and more than delivered! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for, not only their capabilities, but also their personalities!
Nicole Stone
Founder and CEO, CaMI
Thanks to LRobInspires, our name and mission are starting to mean something to many people.
Lisa Schwarz
Chief Operating Officer,
Break Through Cancer

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