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“Everyone who would be interested in attending college deserves a legitimate shot at doing so.” 
Cat Gallagher

This sentiment is one that is shared by both the LRobInspires team and College Raptor, an A-Z college planning resource and one of our beloved Brands That Inspire.

College Raptor operates as a one-stop shop for college planning (featuring one-of-a-kind college software) with a mission to help prospective college students discover affordable schools, choose their major and career, find scholarships, compare costs, pay for college, and—most importantly—realize their dreams are possible.

Bill Staib, President and founder of College Raptor, began this company after he began navigating the daunting college-hunting process with his own six children and realized that there were many gaps that prevented parents and students alike from a successful college selection and application experience. This led to his team’s creation of an online tool that finds a perfectly matched school for all students, no matter their GPA, study interests, or financial needs. Since its founding, College Raptor has helped thousands of students find the best college for them along with every other resource needed to excel as a collegiate student. With a similar mission of inspiration, LRobInspires is honored to be of support to the College Raptor endeavors.

A top priority of College Raptor was to avoid pigeonholing students by giving them false hope about going to college or biased opinions on where to attend. With that in mind, LRobInspires helped College Raptor hone in on this guiding principle by refining its branding, pinpointing its specific personality as a business, and implementing a marketing strategy that is clear and effective.

The branding and marketing systems that LRobInspires introduced to College Raptor are honestly quite straight forward, yet they’ve made all the difference in positioning the company to scale its operation and expand its reach.

Cat Gallagher, LRobInspires Project Lead and Content Strategist for College Raptor, and mom of two boys is a huge fan of the tools and resources. “We cannot emphasize enough how significant the resources of College Raptor are for students and parents. There are a variety of unbiased and free tools available for use that will help students find their best-match scholarships, grants, careers, and colleges all across the United States.”

Next, a Collaborative Marketing Calendar

LRobInspires has simplified the entire process for marketing content within the back-end operation. Instead of juggling multiple platforms for sharing ideas, the collaborative marketing calendar that LRobInspires introduced to College Raptor functions as a singular location where all project scopes and deadlines can be easily seen and discussed. This calendar allows for all parties to stay in the loop at all times, make a solid content plan months in advance, and importantly ensure ongoing engagement with the overall marketing and content direction of the business.

Intentional and Integrated Content

At one point, the College Raptor team was pushing out 80 articles a month—while impressive, LRobInspires discovered that this number could be modified to reduce duplication and provide higher quality content to better answer the questions of their target audience. We introduced a system for integrated emails, articles and digital campaigns that have ultimately helped College Raptor achieve greater brand awareness. After all, when a platform as beneficial and revolutionary as College Raptor exists, it deserves to be branded and marketed in a way that attracts the audience it would benefit most.

A Strategy to Build a Unique Content Team

LRobInspires noticed an opportunity to strengthen the quality of content that College Raptor was producing by bringing in college-aged interns to share their unique perspectives of the entire college journey. With the support of interns, College Raptor was able to introduce an inside point of view from real students to their overall marketing and content efforts. Previously, College Raptor was penning every idea that came to mind, and though it was thorough, it now has a real college student perspective now that we have students contributing to the content. And yes, we added Tik Tok.

Through the implementation of a collaborative marketing calendar, intentional and integrated content, and a team of relatable interns, College Raptor has achieved one of its biggest goals as a company—getting acquired. Recently, Citizen’s Financial Group, Inc., acquired College Raptor, Inc. We are so proud to be a part of this great mission and its dedication to helping students across America find their best path to planning for college.

As our name suggests, LRobInspires exists to inspire others to reach new heights in their own unique and purposeful mission. In the midst of it all, we always seem to find that the brands we aim to help, end up inspiring us all the more.

Be sure to visit College Raptor for a glimpse at a streamlined and personalized process for college decision-making.

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