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Based in Austin, Texas, Jennifer’s woman-owned company was built with the mission to create customized experiences that connect people, spark joy, and strengthen community through art. The Art + Artisans team uses their artistic collaboration to curate and showcase a diverse array of artistic masterpieces, seamlessly bridging the gap between art enthusiasts and talented creators.


The Brains Behind the Vision

We spoke with Jennifer to discuss how her company uses visual storytelling in the spaces they create. As owner of a thriving art consulting firm, we wanted to know what Jennifer believes to be the key to a successful creative process. And according to Jennifer, it’s the people.

Establishing intentional one-on-one connections and building meaningful relationships is the cornerstone of success for each project. Jennifer believes that these relationships—between vendors, architects, and all others—ignite a creative spirit. It’s that spirit that enables her and her artisans to incorporate the thoughts and perspectives of their clients into each artistic transformation.

“I am a person of the people. I am a relationships person—that’s what brings me joy… There are a lot of ways of helping and serving people, and that’s what I like to do in life.”

The Vision Is Part of the Story

Art + Artisans collaborates with creative individuals to design spaces that feel special. These artists capture the essence of their clients vision to create unique, visually appealing experiences for the people who use those spaces. Their work is like telling a story through art to make people feel connected to a place as if it’s a part of their own story.

While this creative process can involve technology or various other art techniques, Jennifer believes the end goal is what’s most important—helping people genuinely love their space. After all, being in a creatively designed environment can significantly affect how people feel in that space. 

“People want to be in an environment that makes them feel inspired.”

Sharing the Vision

Amidst facilitating Art + Artisans; daily operations, Jennifer also shares her wisdom as a guest speaker at various engagements. She recently spoke at a conference hosted by CREW Austin—an event designed to bring women together to support each other and leave feeling inspired. This conference, known as the Elevate Conference, is meant to help women elevate their careers, no matter their stage of business. It provided an opportunity for the guests to explore what’s working and what isn’t while having conversations around resiliency, raising kids
as a working woman, and all of the other intricacies that come with entrepreneurship and career shifts.

As a 10-year member of CREW Austin, Jennifer has participated in several of their local and national events. But this time around, she knew what was shared needed to be different—it needed to be an experience. She wanted to push data to the side and shift the focus to inspiration. Her goal was for the guests to walk away with actionable knowledge for their personal and professional lives.

“I really wanted to bring a valuable experience to people.”

Jennifer also moderated the other keynote speakers for the conference. She chose vulnerable topics that felt relevant to attendees to replicate authentic conversations. And crazy enough, they actually had one of those topics play out right in front of them when one of the speakers went into pre-term labor right before the event. As hectic as it was to find a replacement, it was a cool real-life illustration that segued into the topic of navigating missing opportunities in your career as a woman because you are also a mother.

Giving a Voice to the Lens

“How have speaking roles affected your business?”—another question presented to Jennifer by our team. Jennifer answered with precision: “It’s been powerful.”
She expanded by saying speaking roles have put Art + Artisans in the position of being recognized as industry experts. She expresses that when people see you in these places of authority, they know you’re in the league of work they’re seeking.

The Necessity of a Support System

Jennifer shares that the most memorable experience of her entrepreneurial journey has been elevating to higher levels. But, she wishes she would have found more people to connect with when she was just starting out.

“You cannot do it alone. You need a team of people to help you think about your goals,” she says. That requires building a network. And in order to make that happen, you have to put yourself out there.”

We Are All Creative

Art + Artisans discovers the story that resonates with their clients and makes it come to life as they curate art for their space. We, at LRobInspires, were honored to have helped Jennifer rebrand with a new website, logo, and vision statement so others can better understand what Art + Artisans brings into the world. And of course, we were honored when she stated we have been an important part of their story.

“I love that I get to work with women every day,” Jennifer states about her firm, “We get along so well and bring a different perspective to a traditionally male-dominated industry—and we get things done!”

To feast your eyes on the inspiring, joyous environments they create, head to Art + Artisans. You might even consider getting in touch with Jennifer and her team for your own design needs. As Jennifer puts it, we’re all creative in our own way—Art + Artisans exists to assist you in expressing that truth.


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