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CaMI (which stands for Commissioning and Maintenance Integrator) is a one-stop solution for engineers to manage and coordinate all the requirements for the commissioning and validation process. What we appreciate and admire most about CaMi (aside from their incredibly impressive Founder and CEO) is the mission they’re on to provide users the tools that give them the gift of time. In a nutshell, this tool, developed By Engineers to Empower Engineers, streamlines an otherwise cumbersome and task-driven process.

At CaMI, “CEO” could easily stand for Chief Everything Officer based on the number of hats that Nicole wears. She goes from product/software development to sales, strategy, business development, and HR. Nicole does it all! At LRobInspires, we are thrilled to have been chosen as her brand and marketing strategy firm.

Nicole Stone, Found and CEO
CaMI's CEO - Chief of EVERYTHING officer - nicole stone has created a business opportunity and process to help people focus and gain the gift of time.

An Unexpected Story

Nicole’s story is unique and powerful; and though she did not set out on this journey to become a role model for young black women, Nicole’s success and her never-ending passion for process improvement have elevated her to role-model status. As founder and CEO of CaMI she’s created a business opportunity where there was none, and in the process she’s helped an industry of people focus on more than just tasks. Perhaps Nicole’s greatest gift to her clients is the gift of time. The execution is complex, but the mission itself is simple (for those engineers lucky enough to use CaMI): take manual entry and tasks out and give some life back. 

Nicole began a successful career in Engineering shortly after college, but her passion for Science and Engineering began years earlier. Her biggest inspiration was her father. One of twelve children growing up in Jamaica with little opportunity, he saw education as a path toward a better life for himself and his family; and was the only one of twelve to attend college. He instilled this drive for knowledge in Nicole at an early age, but along with that focus on education, he gave her perhaps an even greater gift, his time.  Her father worked hard to provide for his family and though he encouraged Nicole’s educational pursuits he was also there and encouraged her to be present and enjoy life.  It’s that balance that really seems the driving force behind the work for CaMI.  Do the work better, solve the problems with greater efficiency and then enjoy the benefits, enjoy your family, and enjoy your time. CaMI’s greatest gift to its clients is just that: more time. 

As an engineer in the oil industry, Nicole quickly rose through the ranks. She anticipated barriers to her race and gender and faced them head-on.  As a young black woman managing a field team, there were plenty of times on a job site where though she led the team, a visitor or inspector on-site overlooked her and addressed others, not realizing she was in charge. She quickly found the best way to break those preconceived ideas down, do the work, and show them. Perhaps another lesson from her father; The best way to dispel doubt is to show them what you can do.

Nicole's ability to deliver results and juggle sometimes up to a half dozen projects not only propelled her success but also identified a new purpose; Finding balance. And this is where the idea for CaMI was born.

Every engineering design and Implementation job has a different goal.  Engineers design and build; it could be a project to design and build factories for manufacturing, pipelines for energy, rails and roads for transportation (CaMI’s latest industry of focus), or even laboratories for pharma research. If it was designed and built, it was designed and built by an engineer.  Nicole’s passion for “doing” is very well suited to engineering. What she identified on her journey in the field was though she managed a lot at one time, she found frustration in the inefficiency. Much of the time spent on a job was on tasks like document management, drawings and drawing management, and manual reporting.  Each project is different, but much of the process is the same.  Her drive to “do” took a new turn: How can she not just do – but do better and do quicker?  The answer was the beginning of the launch of CaMI.  At its core, it is an engineer’s back pocket virtual assistant: a one-stop shop for document management, drawing management, and reporting.  

How do we bring a vision to life?

Nicole’s experience and expertise are in the world of engineering. She’s got a clear vision of her industry and others and where she can make the biggest improvement and impact. But how do you voice that vision?  What she needed next was a voice.

Nicole had a direct connection with a talented Social Media firm, Sociable Consulting. When she asked the co-founder, Lisa Marie Jackson who she recommended for Brand Strategy, Lisa Marie had one answer: LRobInspires.  

At LRobInspires, one of our core brand services is our interactive Brand Workshop. We like to think that’s our secret sauce. After a brief input session with Nicole, all parties confirmed that our vision was in line with her vision. What surprised her most about the process was the questions and care given to uncover the core values of CaMI. In this process, we dug deep into the vision and purpose of CaMI. We peeled back the layers of not just process and process improvement, but of intent and vision. Nicole emerged from that process not only with a marketing and branding strategy for the company she had built but also with a better understanding of her company’s purpose and vision.  

LRobInspires is proud to have been a part of the early development and implementation of CaMI’s branding and marketing. We look forward to our continued partnership and can’t wait to see what Nicole’s passion brings next! 

“...visually, emotionally, mentally - just all the allys - LRob just really grew us into who we are today."

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