An LRobInspires Year in Review

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A Year of Growth and Inspiration

The LRobInspires brand has come a long way in 2023. We’ve grown and inspired new thinking while remaining true to our mission, our north star, which has guided our decisions and actions. We wanted to use this space to share with you the most memorable moments we’ve experienced throughout the year.

Creating a Community of Empowered Women

It’s amazing what a conversation can inspire! During a brainstorm with some amazing women, we all realized the need to create a dedicated space for liked-minded women. We wanted a create a space where we could all come together to engage in meaningful discussions, share perspectives, ask questions, and offer support. Because often when starting a project, business, or non-profit, there are similar hurdles and obstacles to tackle on your way—and a lot of them are unique to women.

In February 2023, from these insights, Women Inspiring Women (WIW) was born. WIW is a community of entrepreneurs, remote working professionals, dedicated mothers, passionate non-profit leaders, and women who seamlessly balance the many facets of their lives with unwavering determination. Our mission at LRobInspires is rooted in the belief that positive change can reshape the world. WIW embodies the very essence of our commitment to this cause.

With a thriving community now exceeding 120 women, WIW serves as our monthly compass, guiding discussions on topics close to our hearts. Creating a space where we could gather (virtually) allowed us to share experiences and knowledge and learn from each other. We’ve welcomed 8 guest speakers from different areas of expertise—from social media to accounting to stress management—to help each other grow in our personal and professional lives.

Witnessing the transformative ripple effect of WIW has been nothing short of inspiring, and we couldn’t be prouder of the collective growth and empowerment it has fostered. We are excited to continue to welcome even more members and new speakers in 2024 and nurture and grow this community of amazing women, bringing new speakers and introducing new topics. 

This December. we’ve chosen to spotlight WIW as a major 2023 accomplishment for the LRobInspires brand in our blog as we continue to shape a better world — one empowered woman at a time.

Helping You Grow

Have you checked out our website recently? If you haven’t, you may notice some new and exciting changes. In 2023, we significantly updated our website to include key information that displays how LRobInspires can be a resource for you!

We are committed to helping our audience grow and learn. Every month we release an Inspired Insight, a resource on the many different facets of brand and marketing strategy. We’ve filled these resources with helpful tips and knowledge to assist you and your brand through topics such as storytelling, social media, photography, and more. All past Inspired Insights can be found under the “OUR BLOG” section on our website. There you will also find blogs about WIW, women-owned small businesses, non-profits, start-ups, and more. By making these easily accessible to you through our website, we hope you will read, learn, and find valuable ideas that you can implement into your brand.

New Additions

A lot of “new” came our way in 2023! One of the best examples of this is how we welcomed a very talented designer based in Venezuela to our team! Meet Abril.

Not only are we expanding our team, but we also are expanding our client base. We’ve welcomed three new clients in 2023 and are so excited to share a little about how we’ve gotten to work with them.

The first new client is Brandeis University, a private research university in Waltham, Massachusetts. This liberal arts school was founded in 1948 by the Jewish community. And now, more than ever, they want to share some unique stories from their Jewish Students. It has truly been such a learning opporunity for us to be educated by these amazing students as we have completed the first phase of this unique video production project. 

Our second new client which has been very exciting so far is an innovative technology company that our team has had the privilege of working with in the very beginning stages. We’ve worked with them to provide insights, industry research, competitive research, internal brand brainstorming, and strategic planning. It has been a fun company to work with and a great opportunity to expand our team in other ways. Our newest contributor is Phyliss S, a professional project and product manager specializing in technology! Not only was she instrumental in this technology client but she has also surprised us with her writing contributions. Check out her blogs!

The third new client we welcomed this year is Gift of College. Gift of College is a gift registry for College Savings and Student Loans, to help students fund or pay down their college education. We love their mission so a request to do some customer research, strategic planning, and content preparation was an awesome opportunity. Using the information we collected, we created the deck and presentation they will use to engage with their customers, furthering their customer involvement and creating lasting relationships for their brand.

It has been a pleasure to work with these brands so far and we are looking forward to continuing these partnerships as we enter into 2024.

In other new LRobInspires news, we have created new Youtube and TikTok channels! Subscribe and follow along because we will be sharing inspiring moments, informative videos, new updates, and sometimes just silly things about what our office dog does in a day. Entering these spaces has allowed for a new creative outlet for LRobInspires and more space to grow our brand and get others excited about the LRob mission.

A December of Dresses

In December, if you come across the women of LRobInspires, you might notice us proudly wearing dresses. This is because we are actively participating in a wonderful cause called Dressember. Founded by Blythe Hill in 2009, Dressember is a global movement that fights human trafficking by encouraging people to wear dresses throughout December. Here’s a bit on how it all started and why we choose to support it:


Having experienced sexual abuse as a child and being deeply disturbed by human trafficking, Blythe was compelled to take action. What began as a personal style challenge, with one person wearing a dress every day in December, has grown into a national and international movement. Collectively, Dressember has raised over $18 million for this cause. Men can also participate by wearing a tie every day in December. To join, individuals create a campaign page, wear a dress (or tie), and engage in fundraising.


Blythe has witnessed firsthand the strength women possess, as they come together with a shared purpose to end human trafficking. She encourages all women to use their power to help others heal, flourish, and shine. 

As a leader, finding a way to contribute to causes dear to your heart is crucial. When it’s something you deeply care about, the motivation and drive to make a positive change is undeniable. We all have unique talents and gifts and using them to create positive impacts opens up a world of endless opportunities for giving.



We are thankful for your support and cannot wait to show you what’s in store for LRobInspires in 2024. Each and every one of you has made a difference in the lives of the LRobInspires team through supporting us whether that be as a client, reading our blogs, or engaging on social media. Wishing you a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year. —LRobInspires

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