meet LRob...
Liz Robinson

meet LRob...
Liz Robinson

Liz Robinson – chief strategy officer

Hi, I’m Liz Robinson, founder of LRobInspires. For nearly 30 years I’ve been a leader in implementing strategic brand and marketing programs. Now I am dedicated to inspiring non-profits, small businesses, and start-ups to successfully grow, increase awareness and make positive change. Over my career, I’ve won several awards, both personally and with amazing teams, like the one below.

my inspiration

Family, friends, animals, the outdoors, a good cause. These are the things that inspire me, where I draw my energy, passion, and vision for strong brands and powerful stories. They drive my curiosity and continued commitment for positive change. I live in Holliston, Massachusetts with my husband, two teenagers and three dogs, Sander, Becca, and Zoey.  Get in touch

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

now meet the rest of the dream team

These are the professionals I choose to work with. Each member is handpicked for specific projects and clients based on the expertise that best suits the customer’s needs. Together we are doing our part to change the world and amplify the brands that are making a difference. We do it in a way that is unique to the talents and passion each of us holds in our minds and hearts.

User experience design is about delivering engaging digital brand experiences. I design effective and emotionally compelling digital experiences that engage and convert users. I can translate complex business requirements into simple solutions. With over 20 years of experience designing user interfaces, websites, and mobile applications I have garnered a rich knowledge of responsive and fluid design practices. I’m poised and ready to deliver every component of the UI + UX design process from IA to visual design. Seth lives in Northborough, Massachusetts with his two girls and their dog Rufus. Get in touch

I help service-based businesses and solopreneurs build beautiful and strategic websites that communicate impact, connect with visitors, attract ideal clients, and generate growth. I understand that building a brand and website can be very overwhelming. I have over 16 years of website design experience and my goal is to help busy entrepreneurs like you breathe life into your online presence, so you can step out in confidence, turn visitors into clients and get back to business. Jenny lives in Reading, Massachussetts with her husband, son and daughter. Get in touch

A recognizable brand starts with consistent messaging across all communications, both internal and external. Content development starts with the written expression of your brand. Wherever and whenever a customer comes across the brand, the experience must be consistent, and it must deliver on its promise. From there we step into the visual brand: the logo, color, typeface, graphics, and imagery. The brand design includes many different touch points:

  • Taglines, Personality, Tone, and Voice
  • Brand Story Development
  • Content Strategy across Channels
  • Visual Brand Development and Identity
  • Logo and Color Palette Strategy and Development
  • Brand Guidelines and Template Development

As a certified PMP, I am an accomplished project leader who brings nearly 20 years of financial services experience to my projects. I’ve led the successful launch of award-winning brand projects, new student loan products, digital experiences, and marketing technology initiatives. My passion lies in driving results and developing better customer experiences through strategic planning, collaboration, and transparency.  Jeanne lives in Colorado with my daughters, husband, and cocker spaniel where she can enjoy all things Colorado – mountains, hiking, and skiing. Get in touch

As project coordinator, I take on many roles as I guide the team through each phase: creating and executing a well-planned timeline. I help ensure we stay on schedule, keep the client up to date, and am always available to answer questions and provide input. I enjoy bringing ideas and enthusiasm to every project. In my short time with LRobInspires, I have crafted an effective model to take projects from absolute beginning to completion with care. Erin lives in Lee, Massachussetts with her family, cat (who always shows up on zoom calls), and dog. Get in touch

A brand needs constant care. I take care of brands through carefully crafted concepts and content. With over twenty years of solid agency experience in Print, Digital, Social, and Broadcast, I have created multi-platform campaigns for a variety of prominent brands, in industries ranging from healthcare and education to food and apparel. I believe that a strategic and authentic Big Idea can truly transform a generic product into an unforgettable brand that carves a place in consumers’ hearts. Prachi lives in New Jersey with her husband, two kids, and dog Ziggy. Get in touch

Developing websites is more of an art than one would imagine. My expertise and creativity are a winning combination when it comes to website management and development. I am a skilled WordPress developer proficient in all aspects of website creation, including design, plug-ins, and implementation. The combination of expertise in SEO and PPC campaigns and my ability to create engaging and interactive websites have helped reposition innovative companies, small businesses, and retail organizations. Bryan lives in Northborough, Massachusetts with his wife, two girls, two dogs Brodie and Maggie and of course a collection of Muppets. Get in touch

I am an award-winning creative director based in Boston with in-depth experience elevating brands in a range of industries that include financial services, biotech and retail. My objective is always to bring distinctive aesthetics and remarkable solutions to startups and global brands alike. I am fortunate to collaborate with many exceptionally talented people on both the agency and client side. Carol lives in Natick, Massachusetts with her husband, 3 kids, and her dog, Murphy.

As a digital marketing trailblazer with a broad background in creating, implementing, and managing impactful social media programs, I’ve worked with corporate teams and agencies of record across a variety of industry sectors to drive top-and bottom-line growth. After nearly a decade of living out my passion as a strategic social media marketing consultant, I have dedicated my passion to deliver solutions that are designed to inspire humanity. I partner with purpose-driven brands to create multichannel strategies that build authentic narratives, and forge meaningful relationships that convert into measurable business results. Together, we ignite change, inspire humanity, and influence outcomes—one social good campaign at a time. Lisa-Marie lives in Delaware with her husband and two kids. Get in touch

As a multi-disciplined Graphic Designer and Creative Director, I’ve worked for over 20 years on a wide range of projects specializing in everything from brand identity and creative development to digital experiences and environmental design. As a designer, I love to help shape memorable brand experiences across many different markets. I’m driven to solve complex problems through simple and clear communication, bold ideas, and meticulous craft. I truly cultivate the best from those I work with and inspire others to create at the highest level of work that elevates both brand and business.  David lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and 4-year-old little girl. Get in touch 

I am an experienced strategist with a demonstrated history of executive-level strategic leadership across digital strategy, consumer interaction, demand generation, and brand growth. I specialize in delivering deeper customer relationships and interactions in businesses large and small. Adam lives in Clinton, MA with his wife, two kids and 2 dogs Kala and Chloe.

I began my career working for The Sunday Times Newspaper in London, and then moved to the U.S. over 25 years ago. Before all of that, I graduated in Graphic Design and Art History from Canterbury College of Art in England. It was there, during countless hours spent in the photographic studios, that my unconditional love for photography took hold. I have a deep-rooted passion in photographing people, sports, and all aspects of every-day life. My desire is to tell an unforgettable story in every photo I take. Ken lives in Holliston, Massachusetts with his wife, two kids, and three dogs, Sander, Becca and Zoey.

My enthusiasm for video extends through all phases of the process in bringing a brand to life. I am an expert in all steps of production and extremely proficient with a wide range of pre-production and post-production tools. I have a network of vendors, suppliers, actors, and voice talent that I can bring to any project. My experience extends to a variety of media, but my true passion lies in telling compelling stories through video. Alex lives in Holliston Massachusetts with his daughter, son, and dog Kleo. Get in touch

I’ve always thought about volunteering my time to a nonprofit I believed in. Being an intern with the LRobInspires team brings my passion to a whole new light and opportunity. I’m supporting work on non-profits that are making such a huge difference in the world. And as a high school student, I get to be a hands-on contributor to amplifying brands that make a difference. How cool is that? Adelaide lives in Sherborn, Massachusetts with her parents, sisters and three dogs Taco, Baker, and Scout. Get in touch

As a strong advocate for building purpose-driven brands and marketing campaigns, my professional journey has been personally rewarding. I strive to create exceptional brand experiences by leveraging my background in research, strategy development, creative storytelling, brand events, and analytics. Laura lives in Arlington, Virginia with her son and her dog Koda. Get in touch


where we add value:

  • Brand Vision and Strategy
  • Integrated and Cause Marketing
  • Effective and Efficient Communication
  • Influence, Collaboration, and Activation
  • Creative Vision and Execution
  • Digital and Social Strategies
  • User Interface and Experience
  • Storytelling and Content Strategy

industry awards

  • AMA and APEX Awards
  • American Inhouse Design Awards
  • AVA Digital Awards
  • Gramercy Financial Marketing Strategy Awards
  • Hermes Creative Awards
  • IAC And IABC Awards
  • Midas Awards
  • Shorty Awards
  • Stevie (International and American Business Awards)
  • Gramercy Institute Rising Star in Financial Marketing Award

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