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A Journey Through the Lens of Ken Robinson

Capturing a Moment Again and Again

As I prepared to write this blog, I assembled a series of images to show my approach to capturing moments and telling stories. I love to witness and record so many unique perspectives…sprinters whose eyes display pure intensity…the freedom of teenagers flying high in skateboard parks…a child purely in the moment…a young woman leaning back into the warmth of the sun.

I photograph an isolated person far away on a beach in the fog. The theme of isolation leads me to my father who has Alzheimer’s…captured looking out the window and within his dreams. He talks about his parents, and I am led to think about the image I took of a loon feeding and nurturing her chick. 

From the remarkable wing speed of hummingbirds that beat at 53 times a second…to fossils dating back thousands of years…present-day icebergs that look like alien spacecraft and frozen windows where ice forms its own stories through incredible shapes and patterns. 

The Power of Sports and Team

Sports are an area where I look for ways to help people see the intensity of the moment. Players focused solely on the words of their coach… a young woman surpassing 1,000 points in a basketball game - jumping into her father’s arms… the athlete who does everything humanly possible to get over the bar…cheerleaders caught upside down…a wrestler focused on the words of his referee…young people helping their idols who they aspire to be like.

Give Them a Hand to Remember

…as the hands eagerly wait to grab hold of their teammate … the steadying hand on a boy’s shoulders during celebrations…the preciousness of young people prepared for any eventuality whether it be rain or storm, hands lost in the sleeve…the hands of young Kenyan children caressing fine hair…a hand plugs a nose while jumping off a diving board, breath held in anticipation…two players in the heat of battle, slapping hands to acknowledge the situation. All fleeting moments that can be missed by many.

A Single Image Holds a Beautiful Story to Last a Lifetime

And finally, for now, capturing a moment when a young girl is reading her story to a captivated audience. Every day brings a new narrative. Photography is a remarkable way of helping tell stories that are part of the world that we live in.  

Through his artistry, Ken has shown us that every photograph holds a story – a moment frozen in time, brimming with emotion, meaning, and narrative. Whether capturing the intensity of a sporting event, the quiet solitude of a unique figure, or the raw beauty of nature’s wonders, photographs have the remarkable ability to transcend words and speak directly to the heart. As we reflect on Ken’s incredible journey and the stories he has shared, let us never underestimate the profound impact that photography plays in shaping our understanding of the world and connecting us in shared experiences.  


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