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A Story of Admiration Transformed into Advocacy

That’s how we describe our partnership with Teach the World Foundation (TTWF). From the very beginning we held huge admiration towards this mission. In fact, the development of our relationship with TTWF is the reason LRobInspires now has a unique advocate program that helps nonprofits and small businesses engage with and build their audience (especially their donor base) all year long.


Teach the World Foundation’s vision, to enhance human potential by increasing literacy throughout the world is wildly compelling. We were fans even before we got the opportunity to work with Shafiq Khan, president and founding partner of TTWF, and his team.


To give you an idea of why we’re so passionate about this cause, watch this video. It captures the real-life story of Sunny, a child significantly impacted by this initiative.


TTWF was already an established and successful non-profit when our team joined their marketing conversations. They are walking the walk when it comes to an inspiring mission that is making a huge impact for many.



Providing a step-by-step guide to your biggest supporters, makes advocating for your mission that much easier. This is an example of the guide we customized for Teach the World Foundation.

What did LRobInspires Bring to the Table?

Teach The World Foundation realized early on that illiteracy spans the entire globe, not only in the area of Southern Asia (Pakistan, specifically) in which they started operations. Did you know, one-sixth of the world’s population is incapable of reading and unfortunately, it’s a fact that those who are illiterate often die young, earn less, and experience more crime. TTWF recognized this as a critical global issue and knew they needed to do more to have an impact and created a way to combat illiteracy leveraging the power of digital learning.


We began working with Shafiq and his team. Starting with our signature brand workshop we agreed that TTWF’s focus was powerful but that it was ready to reach further to an even broader vision. We decided to take the mission they’ve started in Southern Asia and go global! Let’s “enhance human potential by increasing literacy throughout the world.” So, we’re setting off to reach this North Star with them.


Together we knew we needed to get this message out to the world. Teach the World needed to amplify their brand in a meaningful way. 


Luckily, with a mission so worthwhile, our team recognized that one of the solutions wasn’t too far from reach—it simply required good storytelling to those within our networks of family, friends, and associates. This is where the advocacy program began. 


With this in mind, and with access to a huge number of success stories (like Sunny’s!) already recorded, we created an advocacy kit that could be utilized by Shafiq, his colleagues, their board members, their brand ambassadors and all other well-connected people within their networks. 

Through word of mouth (both virtual and non-virtual), TTWF has been able to utilize the Advocacy kit as a guidepost toward increased awareness and support. This is becoming a brand awareness tool that has the potential to multiply reach and awareness significantly. We’ve also customized the toolkit to accommodate Teach the World’s Ambassadors (a group of advocates who have already become friends of the mission). The TTWF team learned that many people connected to their networks actually wanted to put their money toward a worthy cause. All Teach the World needed to do was share their compelling story and introduce their visionary, Shafiq.

Our takeaways from working with Teach the World Foundation are important to note.

Stay engaged ALL year long: Telling people your story regularly is what makes the ultimate difference. We know year-end campaigns, Giving Tuesday, and other key events make for good strategy but, meeting with and educating your key constituents throughout the year keeps you top of mind when it really counts. This is something that we are confident in and continually mention to the brands we work with. 


We are on the mission with you: At LRobInspires – your mission becomes ours. We will champion your vision relentlessly and even put our own skin in the game. (Liz hosted her own TTWF Ambassador call!) For all of the nonprofits and small businesses whom we help, we consider ourselves your advocates…or as TTWF would call it, your brand Ambassadors.


Teach the World Foundation has a vision to enhance human potential by increasing literacy throughout the world. They are driven to establish and deploy effective and scalable models of literacy and learning by leveraging the power of digital technology. Education through gamification is truly a unique and innovative approach we hope you’ll want to learn more about. And do let us know if you want to be a part of their next Advocacy session to learn more!

A special thanks to Shafiq, Tina, Uzma, Adnan, Fred, and the entire team. We have loved working with you!

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