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Inspiring the "Aha moment"

The Aha moment at LRobInspires is a pretty special occurrence we share with our clients. That moment leads to a particular energy and passion around a special cause. It is a turning point in the brand strategy process where clients feel a newfound inspiration for their brand.


For Carol F, founder of FairTrade Caravans, this moment occurred during the LRobInspires brand workshop. Through guided vision casting and strategic brand sessions, Carol realized that the purpose of her small, woman-owned business was to Make a World of Difference through Fundraising. It may seem straightforward but for Carol, the brand workshop opened the doors to a larger more inclusive opportunity that can have a larger impact on the world.

When Carol and her handpicked team realized the quest they were truly focused on, the floodgates of possibility were opened. From that pivotal moment, the LRobInspires team was able to partner with Carol to show her that the vision she had for her business was just the beginning of many opportunities to come. 


FairTrade Caravans is a business we hold especially close to our hearts because it was our first official client! We are honored to have played a pivotal role in the branding and development of FTC because of the far-reaching impact it seeks to make as a business.

FairTrade Caravans’ purpose is to connect compassionate individuals with hardworking artisans and farmers from around the globe through education and fundraising. This statement was solidified shortly after Carol’s aha moment, during the Quest component of the LRobInspires brand workshop when our team challenged Carol to shoot higher—to reach for her business’s North Star. 


The North Star that Carol discovered she aspired to reach turned out to be forming a social enterprise, not simply focused on one audience but a wider opportunity to inspire action and awareness to many. And this is exactly what has been achieved. With a clear purpose, our team was able to grab ahold of the vision, partner with Carol to bring it to life, and position her to continue her marketing efforts on her own. This is how we do it…

We gain insight, form a strategy, design and develop an integrated plan and activate a brand and its team.

Insight: We learn about the mission and purpose, the audience we’re talking to, and the competitors of an organization. In these conversations, we capture what’s fueling and inspiring a business to solidify its strategy and set the tone. The most game-changing moments for FTC were during this step. 


Strategy: We create a strategy to help position a brand in a way that sets it apart from the competition, helps drive new sales, and grows new audiences and opportunities. Here we started talking about expanding into new territory. Carol began broadening FairTrade Caravans’ focus to include not only schools but also non-profits and various extracurricular clubs. We determined that cause-focused audiences circulate good energy—the target audience must care about the mission of a business. Another Aha moment.


Design and Development: In this phase, we developed a tagline, voice, and personality that matched the already established FairTrade Caravans logo. The addition of Making A World of Difference Through Fundraising helped add a sense of purpose and clarity. Design is crucial as it allows a business to determine its overall look, feel, and sound. In turn, they are then able to engage and resonate with their audience consistently and clearly. 


Integration: It’s time to implement the plan across all channels. This is the phase where we created a foundational element for Carol’s operation – the website. At this point, the entire world was on lockdown due to COVID-19, so we also implemented an entirely new virtual fundraising and direct-to-consumer strategy that opened doors for this business. 


Activation: Finally, we hit the phase where we revealed the FairTrade Caravan’s brand to the world. Through email, social, and digital channels, we helped to activate Carol and FairTrade Caravans so that there would continually be a self-sustained and impactful marketing effort. By setting Carol up to create her blogs, social media, and marketing campaigns we were able to help her increase the awareness of her brand and mentor her into continuing marketing initiatives without us.


FairTrade Caravans helps give money back to hardworking artisans and prevent the continuance of child labor while at the same time giving back to local causes. Visit the website to start your fundraiser for your school or non-profit, or shop for handmade gifts from deserving artisans and farmers.

Thank you, Carol and FairTrade Caravans for inspiring our team to learn more about the importance of fair trade in fundraisers.

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